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Hello Parents!

(2020-2021 Season)

Tuesday (September 8th) is our start of classes! Who is excited?!? The studio is ready to welcome all of our old and new dancers to our 2020-2021 season! Just a couple things I wanted to post before hand so that we can somewhat alleviate confusion and questions the first week.

1. Darci is our front desk help! She will be at the studio Monday, Tuesday and Thursday's.

2. When parking at the studio please use the EAST SIDE OF THE BUILDING. This is 4th Avenue East. This is allow parents that need to strictly drop off dancers pull up to the front of the studio to do so as well as respect the surrounding businesses on our block.

3. We are holding in house registration this year! Please check out our registration tab for days and times.

4. We will be selling snacks for $0.50 and water for $1.00. This is open to anyone and if you would like your dancer to put this on your account you can do so and pay at the beginning of the month with your tuition.

5. I am diligently working on a calendar with days of no dance as well as rehearsals and recitals. I will hopefully have these out to you by the beginning of our season.

6. DVD's, USB's and costumes not yet picked up from the spring recital can be picked up at the front desk at registration if you have not yet picked them up!

7. We will have half-soul shoes at the studio to try on at registration (required for dancers 6 years old and up in ballet/jazz or contemporary) You can have your dancer try on the sizes we have to make sure we get the correct fit for your dancer.

8. There is NO CELL PHONE USE ALLOWED IN OUR DRESSING ROOMS. We want to be able to protect the privacy of every dancer and ask that if your dancer must use their phone while here that they go out into the lobby. We will take phones away until the end of class if we see a dancer using it in the dressing areas. Thank you!

9. Please encourage your dancer and children to keep our studio clean! Please encourage your dancer to double check the dressing rooms and studios to make sure they have all of their belongings.

10. Lost and found from the recital will be laid out a the studio at registration and will be disposed of afterwards. Please have your children look through the items and take home what is theirs.

11. We will take precautions if/when we have to make changes to our schedule due to health issues.

We are so very excited for our season to start and hope that you all enjoy the classes, teachers, facility and shows. Thank you for being apart of our dance family!

Megan VanSon

Artistic Exchange Dance Studio

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